piątek, 16 maja 2014

"Dodo" visited Lithuania

Some photos from illustration exhibition

Ewa Seeks Dodo is an artistic collaboration of several illustrators from different countries.
It is a simple tale about the search for our true selves, and the dodo a symbol of inner being. Who is Ewa? No one knows.  In the beginning we only know that she is seeking the dodo - a bird which became extinct in the 17th century. Ewa lives in the world of the bird-people.  And that is why, through her travels appear beautiful, inconcievable ,strange creatures. 
Ewa’s story shows that the one’s journey through life can begin with the curiosity about oneself. Even though we are not sure and aware what we are actually seeking – the unrelenting questions of who am I? What do I desire? Why am I alive? – casue us to embark on a journey.
Until we take on that challenge and set off on our own search we are just as nonexistant as an extinc species, we are as dead as the dodo.

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