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Exhibition of illustration catalogue

Once again post about Ewa seeks Dodo project. Here is a link to the exhibition's catalogue with illustration of many great artist (unfortunately it emerged only in polish so the texts will be unavailable for part of you):  Ewa seeks Dodo_exhibition_catalogue 
See the link and enjoy the illustration!

For those who don't speak polish there is an introduction by Agnieszka Zawadzka about Ewa and extincted bird - dodo:

Two years ago, the idea to create an illustarted children’s book called Ewa Seeks Dodo, was born.  I was inspired by Ewa herself, a young lady ornithologist with a passion for working to protect the environment.  Through Ewa I learned of the story of the dodo who once lived on the island of Mauritius.  This lovely and unique-looking bird became extinct in the 17th century, soon after the arrival of humans and their many domestic and pest animals on the island.  The dodo disappeared abruptly. It ceased to exist, however it lives on as the hero of stories and legends. Its image can be found on the Mauritian coat of arms and on numerous tourist trinkets. Most notably, its image is used to promote the protection of species threatened with extinction.
The book Ewa Seeks Dodo, will not be a tale about a threatened species and will not deal with conundrums related to ecology. Ewa Seeks Dodo is to be a simple tale about the search for our true selves, and the dodo a symbol of inner being.
Who is Ewa? What does she look like? No one knows.  In the beginning we only know that she is seeking the dodo. Finding it seems impossible - cientists have declared this species long extinct. However, Ewa disregards rational arguments, and refuses to accept the scentific conclusions.  She sets off on an adventure and travels the word, because she wants to find the dodo. 
Ewa lives in the world of the bird-people.  And that is why, through her travels appear beautiful, inconcievable ,strange creatures.  Each of them is unique and each has its own reaction to Ewa’s plan to find the dodo.  The appearance and the reactions of the bird people are as varied as one can imagine. These creatures impart advice, they laugh, tell their own stories, they are curious, wish to help her, they try to befriend her, but they aren’t always welcoming nor kind. Sometimes the encounters bring sadness and a sense of confusion. Inspite of it all, Ewa stubbornly keeps searching and with time proves to herself that the cast of these colourful creatures has helped her realize her goal.  In the end, Ewa realizes with disbelief, that she herself is one of the bird people, the very bird she was seeking – she is the dodo bird. 

Ewa’s story shows that the one’s journey through life can begin with the curiosity about oneself. Even though we are not sure and aware what we are actually seeking – the unrelenting questions of who am I? What do I desire? Why am I alive? – casue us to embark on a journey.

Until we take on that challenge and set off on our own search we are just as nonexistant as an extinc species, we are as dead as the dodo.

Our journey doesn’t require travelling over vast distances expressed in kilometers, however there are those of us who need to circumnavigate the entire globe, to climb the highest peaks or to beat some record. Rather, our journey takes place in the spiritual dimension and it is from that inner place that we hear the directions of which way we should go. Encounters with others write themselves into our journey’s path. They are our inspiration, our compass and our refelction. And ultimately they help us discover ourselves.

It’s a bit irrational of Ewa, that she is seeking that which does not exist.  But it is also illogical that we are also both the beginning and the end of this tale. 

In order to create an illustrated book about Ewa’s search for the dodo, each artist is invited to complete an illustration, in which they protrey themselves as a bird person and in a few words describe their encounter with Ewa.

This art piece is to be a sort of a self-portrait. It will be the answer to the questions: What would I look like as a bird-person? What would I do if I met Ewa? What would I tell her?

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